Thank you for your interest in Northside Soccer. Here is some information regarding our league:

Who is Northside Soccer?
We are a small recreational soccer league run completely by volunteers. Our motto is “everybody plays” and we focus on ensuring all children and families have a good experience.
Where are practices and games held?
All games and practices are held at Sahm Park.
When are practices?
When you sign up, you choose if you want to practice Tuesday or Thursday night.
When are games?

All Rec (our house league) games are on Saturdays. There are 8 games in all.

  • The U6 league plays at 9:00am.
  • The U8 league plays at 10:00am.
  • The U10 league plays at 9:00am.
  • The U13 league plays at 10:15am.
What is the difference between Rec, Rec Plus and Travel Soccer?

Recreational (Rec) Soccer is for beginners and children/families that are looking for a good, low-stress soccer environment. Rec teams only play other teams in our league. It is good for children who want to play soccer as well as other sports/activities.

Rec Plus soccer is for children/families looking for slightly more competitive soccer but not wanting to make the commitment required for travel soccer. Rec Plus teams play other local area teams. There are no try-outs allowed.

Travel soccer is competitive soccer, often significantly more expensive for children/families that are looking to make a significant soccer commitment.

Northside Soccer offers only Rec and Rec Plus teams.

What are the registration fees?
The Rec registration fee is $100. The Rec Plus Fee is $110.

There is a $10 early bird discount if you register before January 31, and a $5 sibling discount is provided for families with more than one child participating.

What is included in that fee?
The registration fee covers jersey, shorts, socks, team picture, a trophy and free admission in a league-wide picnic (with bounce houses, face painting, etc.).
When does the season start?
Please see the calendar.