Please Be On Time

Please do your best to be on time for practices and games. If you arrive on time for practice and the coach is running late, help get the kids started with warm ups and playing with the ball. This sets a great example for the kids about starting and being on time as well as keep things moving and the kids will not get bored. If you’re going to be late or miss a practice or game, please let your coach know so they can make adjustments as needed.

No Jewelry

No jewelry of any kind may be worn during practice or games. Taping over jewelry, such as earrings, is no longer allowed. This is to protect your child as well as others on the field.

No Pets

No pets, including those on a leash, are allowed on the fields at Sahm Park. Please leave your pets home on practice nights and game days.

Abuse of Referees

North Side Soccer has a strict, no abuse policy with regard to referees. Bad calls are a part of the game, but these were nothing compared to the embarrassing spectacles that occur when well meaning parents forget this is a recreational league. Most of our referees will also be kids. I’m sure no parent would want their youngster verbally attacked. Please keep that in mind when the ref misses one.

Volunteer Duty

Every parent is responsible to volunteer in some way to help keep our league alive. Consider helping out on game days with field setup or volunteer for a shift at the concession stand. We also need Spanish and ASL interpreters, game day hosts and people to help with the picnic committee or being a face painter. We are always looking for coaches and board members, so please contact us if you can help in any way. If you have a special talent that you think might benefit the league please let us know.